is a 12-day experiential learning course, followed by a 2-day workshop, presenting the unique Czech method of experiential learning.

Join us this summer in Czech Republic.


The theme of this year’s course is: ‘GAMES’.
Game and play as an approach to life and as an educational method. Join us to discover the potential of using games and game elements to enhance personal and group development courses.


INTERTOUCH is a project of Prázdninová škola Lipnice, z. s. (PŠL) Outward Bound Czech Republic (OBCZ). INTERTOUCH is an experiential learning course that introduces international participants to the Czech method of experiential learning. In 2017, we continue the tradition of INTERTOUCH courses organized by PŠL-OBCZ since 2000 and Wintertouch held in 2011.

What will I experience?

You will spend 14 exciting days in beautiful Czech Republic full of challenging activities, profound debriefings, open feedbacks, team cooperation and a unique atmosphere.

You will meet new and interesting people of various backgrounds from all over the world; and most of all you will meet and discover your true self.

You will play games that will help you find connections and touch the bigger games of your life.

You will touch bottom, reach for the sky, try the unknown, return to the forgotten, find new sources of energy.

Allow yourself to live your life as if it were a game.

What to expect?

INTERTOUCH gives you the opportunity to build up your professional skills as a coach, instructor, trainer, social-worker, teacher and any other type of educator, by getting to know the holistic approach to outdoor education used in the Czech Republic. INTERTOUCH will refresh your old convictions that working with and for other people is the desirable and meaningful way to live.

Are you prepared to challenge yourself? To learn how you would react? Are you able to play your life as if it were a game?

Basic information


19. 8. – 1. 9. 2017
12 days of experiential learning course
+ a 2-day follow-up workshop about the method


Czech Republic (Prague and the Czech mountains)


INTERTOUCH is designed for participants who work with other people as educators, trainers, instructors, teachers, social workers, managers, HR professionals and anyone else who uses/is interested in experience-based education and wants to explore the unique Czech method of experiential learning.
The course is also open to the general public – anyone who would like to meet new people from all around the world, enhance his/her life with new experiences, stretch his/her personal boundaries and recharge his/her batteries, is more than welcome to apply.

What to expect

During INTERTOUCH you will:

  • enjoy 12 days of experiential course + a 2-day follow-up workshop about the method
  • explore this year’s course theme: “GAMES”
  • allow yourself to live your life as if it were a game
  • learn about yourself from self-reflection, personal feedback from others and participate in a number of group reflections and sharing
  • take part in physically and mentally challenging games that take you out of your comfort zone
  • learn the Czech approach to experiential outdoor education
  • be inspired to learn and develop

Food and Accommodation

Accommodation facilities will be basic and modest. Most of the time you will stay in shared rooms for two persons. Some nights you will sleep in a sleeping bag, sharing a common room with others or you will enjoy the outdoors.
Meals are always provided in both regular and vegetarian alternatives.


Participant’s Fee

Ranging from CZK 15 000
to CZK 25 000
– currently approximately EUR 550 / USD 590 and EUR 950 / USD 1000 (subject to currency rates at the moment of payment).

Why the range?
We want to give everyone a chance to participate in the course, regardless of their financial situation. Floating course price allows those participants who can afford to do so, to decide to pay the full price; and those who cannot but still want to participate, to pay as much as they can (in any event at least the set minimum). The participants are expected to consider the value they attribute to a 14-day adventure in the Czech Republic – bearing in mind that PŠL-OBCZ is a non-profit organization and all proceeds of the participants’ fees will be spent on the program of the course.

Why the range?
Note that all INTERTOUCH instructors are volunteers. We do this work because at some point we participated on a similar course ourselves and are paying it forward now. We know that an experiential learning course has the power to activate and inspire people, and we want to let others experience it for themselves.

Why the range?
Fee includes:

  • accommodation
  • food
  • participation in all course programs
  • training materials
  • handouts on the Czech method of experiential learning

Fee does not include:

  • participants’ health insurance
  • participants’ travel costs




Simona Trávníčková

Most of her time, Simona is an improviser, actor, performer and lecturer of theatre and applied improvisation in Bafni theatre. In PŠL-OBCZ she ran Wintertouch 2011, the winter version of INTERTOUCH, courses just for women about womanhood and a lot of courses for mixed groups aimed at self-development in different areas. She develops specific method of experiential learning in courses of PŠL-OBCZ in methodological courses. But on the other hand, she has a doctorate degree in international private law, teaches at Charles University in Prague and Masaryk university in Brno. She works also at Czech Supreme Court.

I love theatre, singing and dancing. Love working on meaningful things with talented people.



Jiří Glaser

In his professional life, Jura moves between two quite different areas – IT and psychology. He works as a freelance web developer and also as a psychotherapist. Concerning the latter, he works with people individually or in groups. He has more than 10 years of experience with experiential groups focused on self-development. His work is based on the humanistic psychology and he participates in a long-term open psychotherapeutic training in PCA (Person Centered Approach).

I love to walk and think (works like a therapy for me), I like hiking in mountains, dancing to swing music, binding books and swimming in winter. I live in Prague and I love the city above any other that I’ve seen. I like games based on cyphers, both playing and creating them.



Miroslav Londýn

Mira is a freelance instructor with 11 years of experience in personal development programs based on the experiential learning methods. He organizes and leads first aid training courses (with the focus on wilderness first aid) and collaborates on advancing the experience-based learning method in this area. In the company Česká cesta, he co-runs programs for corporations, aimed at teamwork development. He is a certified treeclimber specializing in high rope activities.

He loves high altitudes and trains to be an international mountain leader. His passion for science, medicine and environment has led him to gaining a degree in molecular biology and genetics. His dream is to build a tree house to relax in.



Markéta Štreitová

Markéta is experienced mostly in activities for children: As a team-member of a PŠL-OBCZ course for families having 3-8 years old children, lecturing flute playing in nursary schools (4 years) and 1,5 years of afternoon assistance to a handicapped girl on a wheelchair. For 1,5 years, she participated in a theatre improvisation course. Since last year, Markéta has been training to become a mountain leader. This year she aims to graduate from a PŠL-OBCZ‘s year-long methodology course to become a senior-instructor.

Markéta is a microbiologist and works as a head of quality control department in a small pharmaceutical company. She co-founded a voluntary organisation focused on tree planting and local communities activisation towards co-creating the countryside around them. Her best days are spent in nature, among inspiring people, dancing, taking photos, as well as exploring the small pleasures of life.



Kateřina Klímová

Katka is a newcomer to the world(s) of experiential learning and personal development. A transactional/M&A lawyer by background, she spent the past 10+ years working for international law firms and a private investment group. Over the course of her studies, Katka spent a year in Great Britain (Cardiff University Law School) and a year in the US (University of Michigan Law School). Katka is currently enjoying her sabbatical and exploring new experiences, such as participating in a PŠL-OBCZ course and volunteering for PŠL-OBCZ and her high school alumni organisation.

I love being outdoors and being active. I enjoy hiking, skiing, biking, travelling to discover new places or returning to the ones I already know and like; meeting new people and keeping in touch with friends.



Martin Novák

Martin has got skills in many different fields. He studied electrotechnics, IT, history and social education, and leisure time with specialization in drama education. He has 13 years of experience with the programs that are based on the experiential learning method. Currently, he works for Česká cesta as an instructor and specialist of treeclimbing and high rope elements. He is the owner and managing director of two companies. The first one – is focused on philanthropical teambuildings. The second one is a party photobooth.

I love music and playing musical instruments. As a past time, I love walks with metal detector and searching old articles and coins in the ground.



In case you need any information regarding INTERTOUCH 2017, please contact Kateřina Klímová, e-mail address: .

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